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Ganja ; A New Silent Killer

Ganja, A drug which is named for Marijuana cannabis is the new  silent killer among the new generation. According to the reports, it  is found that the new silent killer has been rapidly grown among  youngsters and totally controls the user. Consumption of analgesics  in an inorder manner leads to the destruction of the user’s life. Also  it affects his family and socially severely. From the reports of  Kerala news, most of the youngsters are the leading slaves of this  silent killer and its increasing day by day.

However, Liquor consumption and smoking leads to health      problems but a ganja can destruct one mentally and physically as it  differs from other drugs. And the important thing among these news is that the youngsters are rid from the exact side-effects of ganja. Awareness about these drugs should be compulsory in schools and colleges for such problems. Because most of the students are using such drugs in a simple manner as like when they smokes. According to the information from a specialised physician, it is said that the user shows relaxation from ignorance, loneliness and sadness temporarily but leads most of the people into analgesic world. And one of the important case in this new generation is that the youth slips off their life towards analgesics if there are issues between their parents and if there is much money for their son’s use as if the parents are abroad. But the case is that the users who use analgesics for the entire rid from sadness is much more leaded to sadness forever.

Ganja & Brain

The main chemical compound found in ganja is Tetra hydro Cannabinol ( T.H.C ). The process of ganja inside the user is much fast than a virus. The moment ganja is entered inside through the lungs, it is dissolved in the blood as soon as it is possible. And also it will reach the brain and other parts very soon. The fact we have to know is that these ganja chemicals will affect mostly the cannabinoid receptors.

 Cannabinoid  receptors are situated in the brain as they control happiness, memory power,  thoughts, concentration and consciousness. So that is the reason why ganja affects the above  parts severely. Due to the severe affect to the memory power of the teenagers, their studies are  also affected.

Due to the severe use of ganja, there is found some symptoms like sudden burst of anger,  sleeplessness, uninterested in having food. Also severe usage of ganja without any intervals  leads to many problems economically and socially. Due to this issue, youth is being lead to  crimes for the success in their aim.

The people who uses ganja severely shows withdrawal symptoms (likely to mental disorder) if there is reduction in the ganja production. This stage will be lost after the first day and within the next two days the withdrawal symptom will be reduced to a limit. If the patient is avoiding ganja for two or three weeks he will attain the normal level. Presently ganja isn’t a reason for mental disorders but schizophrenia patients are totally affected if there is much consumption of GANJA.

Is Ganja a threat to our Heart?

Consumption of Ganja can cause increase in the heartbeat which almost have a range about 20 to 100. Once you have sipped, the smoke from Ganja can cause this increase in heartbeat for atleast 3 hours. So BEWARE OF GANJA…. It kills you silently.


A 3D Tablet By Google

Google company have developed a 3D tablet under a new project named Project  Tango in the new generation market. The new 3D tablet is displayed on the  showroom of the Google company situated in San Francisco and the company  also provides a class to understand the usage of the new gadget. It is said that the  tablet is performed according to the instructions given by the user through body  expressions which is being called as ‘Motion Sensor’.

Project Tango mainly exhibits the importance of new gadgets in the new  generation world in which the technology is being developed into the exact sense  of  human kind. The new tablet performs as like a man thinks and works. Also  Project Tango has developed a 5 inch Android phone for the developers of the android smart phones and this new gadget might be their leading project.

According to the report from the google, the tablet is powered by Nvidia Tegra K1 processor but the tablet is still included with the Myriad 1 co processor which is built in the android phone built by Google. And the tablet runs in a RAM of 4GB with 128 GB storage capacity, has  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4G connectivity.

Along with the description, Google has also unveiled its cost of price as it costs $ 1024 ( ₹60590 ) in the market. Also you have to wait for the arrival of the new gadget guest in the market. At first, Google distributes this new tablet only to the Google developers and they have developed 4000 tablets for this purpose.


Pepper – A Humanoid Robot

 Pepper, A humanly robot has been born between us with a feeling heart along      with the co-operation of a Japan company ‘Softbank’. Pepper has  the ability to  realize the emotions occured around his surroundings. He can also understand  the feelings and expressions of a man.

The Japan company ‘Softbank’ reveals that  the manly robot is built with ‘Artificial  Intelligence’ based on cloud technology  and an emotional engine for the ease of  emotional access. Also the company says  that the new robot could understand  the hand-limb signs, other expressions and  sound differences occured in his  surroundings and will perform according to the  analysation of the required data.

The company reveals that one could have a conversation with the Pepper as same as he does with his friends and relatives.. almostly means that one could have a coffee-break with the Pepper. Also our new friend can do different works also.

According to the information from the Japan company ‘Softbank’, our new emotional robot Mr.Pepper costs only $1930 (₹ 1.15) and will arrive soon within a year. The chief executive officer of the Softbank company, Mr.Masayoshi Son expressed his opinion in a news meet that we would judge one as a  ‘Robot’ when he loses humanity or when he is rid from emotions. And first in the human history, we have invented a robot with a HEART which have emotions.

The company will generate the models of the Pepper robot in the two stores of the Softbank company within the next Friday to make the customers understand that how does the robot perform. Beside this news, the car manufacturing company Honda is being developing a robot named ASIMO which is for homely usage. Also the American President, Barack Obama has played football with this robot which was a sensational news at that time.

The Softbank company is developing the new robot Pepper with the co-operation of a French company Aldebaran Robotics.


Cardiology; don’t avoid medicines.

The main reason for the heart failure is the recurrent heart attacks. One or more heart attacks will lead heart weakness and its contracting ability will lost. Energy source of heart is the oxygen and nutrients flow through blood vessels to the heart. Cell destruction starts when obstruction occurs to those blood vessels. The majority part of heart becomes inactive when massive the obstruction to large coronary artery becomes occluded. It will leads to failure of heart to pump sufficient for body activities. It will leads over working of heart.

By all these heart become too weak. Because of this chambers of heat become dilated. Due to pooling of blood flow back of blood occurs.

Pooled blood in lungs cause difficulty in breathing.  Leads to death also. Increased pressure inside the left ventricle slowly transferred to right ventricle also. And it will cause oedema on liver, abdominal area. When all the above become severe the patient become bedridden. The patient even can sleep well because of the severe breathing difficulty when lying on bed. This condition is congestive cardiac failure. Majority of death due to heat disease is due to this disease.

Causes of congestive cardiac failure

1, coronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease is the occlusion in the coronary artery which leads to insufficient blood supply. Which will leads to insufficient supply of blood causing insufficient oxygen and nutrient supply

2, heart attack

Heat attack occurs when sudden occlusion in the coronary artery. It may also cause insufficient supply of blood to the heart

3, cardiomyopathy

Cardiomyopathy is the weakness of heart muscles to pump sufficient blood for the body activities.


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Gas trouble – Signs and symptoms

Almost all doctors worldwide had heard a complaint from their patients about gas trouble. Some of them complaint it as a chronic disease, someone states their discomfort due to the condition. The truth that is gas trouble is not a disease. There is no disease like this in modern medicine. But we all suffered of these diseases. Then what is this disease? Let see that

Gas trouble is the irritation caused due to accumulation gas in the digestive tract. Each of them complaints in different ways, all complaints are different. This irritation may be due to disease condition associated with stomach and chest. But in majority of cases there may be no diseases it may due to the irritation caused due to the gas formation in the stomach.

Signs and symptoms

Usually all disease associated with stomach may considered as gas problems. Gas trouble exhibits different signs in different patients. Abdominal distention, irritation de to abdominal distention, burning sensation, feeling of fullness, breathing difficulty, is the main symptoms.

What is chest burning?

Irritation occurs behind the heart due to problems in the stomach is called chest burning. It occurs due to entering back of abdominal materials to esophagus. The reason for this is the increased pressure inside the stomach.

Some type of food materials, alcohol, smoking all are the contributing factor of gas trouble.

Mix and grind well in your mouth before engulf

It is for making food particles into small and make easy to distension mixing and grinding helps to prevent gas trouble to an extent.

Digesting time

For about 24 hour is needed to complete digestion of the food. In stomach food particles are differentiated into nutrients. It is  a slow process. All food particles will come in contact with the wall of large intestine. Nutrients are absorbed during this time.

Gas trouble occurs when there is alteration in this process. Air trapping will occur inside the stomach and gas trouble occurs.

We can prevent gas trouble in different ways like eating food in correct time. Eat food only after good chewing. Avoid gas forming foods. Avoid heavy foods are the better way to avoid gas trouble.
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Prostate is the organ which is present in males only. It is also associated with reproduction in males.. Most of the people were thinking of prostate only at the age after 50. Most people after 50 have the problems associated with prostate gland. It starts with difficulty in urination. Most of the people were familiarize and thoughts of about the prostate gland only when they feels about difficulty in urination.

Prostate is a very small gland. In average it has 3cm length and about 12-15 gms in weight. It lies just below the urinary bladder and above anus. The urinary vesicle and seminal vesicle were meets inside the prostate gland. When prostate enlarges, the bladder constricts and causes obstruction in the flow of urine.

The main functions of prostate gland are erection control and production of semen. The 85% of semen are produced from here. The remaining was produced from the seminal vesicle and testis. The erection is taking place through the excitement and contraction of the muscles in the prostate.

The major problems affecting prostate are benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, prostatic cancer etc.

The benign prostatic hypertrophy has no specific etiologies. It is an unusual enlargement of the prostate gland. It is not a dangerous one. Early detection and treatment will helps in early curing and better results. It can be controlled with treatment. While micturition, in normal the urine will starts to flow in 10 -15 seconds. But in benign prostatic hyperplasia the urine starts to flow only after two or three minutes. And the volume is less than 10 ml

  • Delay in starting micturition
  • Difficulty in urination
  • Flow of urine as drops
  • Break in between urine flow
  • Feeling of incompleteness in urination
  • Urinary frequency
  • Urinary in continence
  • Painful micturition
  • Blood in semen
  • Blood in urine

Risk factors

  • Age more than 50
  • Hereditary
  • Genetic predisposition
  • alcoholism
  • Smoking
  • changes in fat metabolism


  1. Urinary tract infections
  2. Staging of urine inside the bladder
  3. Urinary bladder problems



The major diagnostic measures are

Digital rectal examination
Urine tests
Ultra sound scan
PSA test
C T urogram
Prostate biopsy

If BPH is in small scale it can be rectified with life style modifications such as avoid smoking, alcoholism etc..
If complicated it can be treated with surgery

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10 ways to find lost phone

Device which lost most easily is mobile phone. There is lot of stories for lot of peoples about their costly lost phones. Robber who wants to earn money within 5 minutes has the easy way to steal a mobile phone. Now the play has been completely changed. Now it is easy to find the robber. And is also an easy to find the position of lost phone. Let us see the ten easy ways to find lost phone.


All phones have their own IMEI numbers. By dialing*#06# we can easily get IMEI number. We can also find IMEI number on the area behind the space of battery. Keep this IMEI number. If you’re lost your phone complaint it to near police station with this IMEI number. Give one more complaint with your phone number and IMEI number to your service provider also. Police can trace your  phone using IMEI number.

2, Avast mobile security

This free mobile security software provides two services for your phone. One is helps to prevent virus attack to your phone and other is mobile tracking system. Mobile tracking system in this software is invisible. So you can track your pone using internet or sms.

3, Mobile chase location tracker

By using this application when robber inserts his sim into the phone it automatically sends a message to your previously set number. And that sms can reveal the location where the phone is.

4, Thief tracker

This application is for smart phones. If thief tries to unlock your phone and if it is not correct phone itself a photo using front camera and sent this to your email .it is not detectable. But this happened only when using an incorrect pattern of four dots.

5, Smart look

It is also a photo taking software of the thief. Not only this but also it track the position of phone by GPS system.

6, Anti theft alarm

In this application an alarm is available. You can leave anywhere after activating this alarm. If anyone tries to take your phone their starting alarming it stops only after giving the pin code.

7, Kaspersky mobile security

This is antivirus software with facilities to track the lost phone.
8, Look out antivirus security.

Install this application in your phone. From that time you can see your phone in Google map through lookout Command it produce alarm even if in silent mode. And easily get the location of your phone.

9, Trend micro mobile security and antivirus

By installing this application it will helps to identify dangerous application and also helps to track lost phone. But this is not free software but trial versions are available.

10, Plan B lookout mobile security

This software can use after phone has stolen. This application helps to identify the area of our phone by using cell towers and it is also updated in every ten minutes. We can get the updates through email.

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Asthma – Diagnosis and treatment

Asthma can be defined as difficulty in breathing which  may caused due to obstruction or allergy to the respiratory tract or lungs. It is usually associated with common cold, some skin diseases, asthma patients exhibit recurrent cough, breathing difficulty, labored breathing, etc.

Why you should aware of asthma

The rate of asthma patients is increasing day by day in India due to increased tobacco use, environmental pollution, and increased respiratory tract infections etc.

In the present century there are lot of activities are going on to control diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, life style diseases, etc. by all that activities rate of that diseases are decreased. But the rate of asthma is going up in an uncontrollable explosion manner.

Diagnosis and treatment

Due to its difference in exhibition of symptoms it is difficult to diagnosis asthma. So an efficient physician is needed to diagnose asthma. Allergic asthma is usually seen till from childhood itself. It can caused in peoples of any age, In some patients they may not exhibit cough, recurrent respiratory tract infections, labored breathing etc. chest x-ray is the main diagnostic method to confirm there is no other diseases related to respiratory tract.

There is another diagnostic test to confirm asthma called as ‘forcod expiratory spirogram’. it also named as pulmonary function test. It is available in almost all specialty hospitals. By this test along with diagnosis it helps to identify the stage disease.


Asthma can be classified mainly into two type intrinsic asthma and extrinsic asthma. Intrinsic asthma is mainly due to the internal factors and extrinsic asthma is mainly due external factors.


Treatment of asthma is according to the severity of the disease. Medicines belongs to bronchodilators are mainly used. Oxygen administration is also indicated for the treatment of asthma.
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Attention to the mobile users

There is no one who hasn’t mobile phones. Buying a mobile is such an easy thing. Means that there is no one who doesn’t depend a mobile phone. This earns lot of profits to mobile markets. Today’s mobile marketing Trent is introducing mobile phones similar to each mobile phone. Adjusting rate of phones according to peoples, like this there is lot experiments are going on.

In 2008 mobile phone users are increased by 13 percent. Africans and Latin Americans are making developments in mobile marketing. As per studies number of mobile phones will exceed the number of population.

During January and March months 42.58 crore of phones are sold. According to international telecoms it will exceed million. Because everyone has more than one mobile phones. According to BBC there are 7.1 million mobile phones for 6.8 million populations.

We all are depending mobile phones for many things. Majority using mobile phones are in between age of 25 to 35.majority of them is using smart phones. Till now 21 crore of smart phones are sold.

The main attraction towards smart phones is attractive games, internet utilities, easy to use. till now the play of mobile companies are going on to sold much more phones.




Journey of life is aimless. Condition in which loss of memory even if he can’t remember his state is called Alzheimer’s. Condition in which he can’t identify even his relatives returning back to his soul as he came.

Complicated diagnosis

One of the important and vulnerable type of dementia is Alzheimer’s. They’re not any diagnosing test for Alzheimer’s. It should be diagnosed only through explanations from relatives and family members. Blood examinations, CT brain, MRI brain are also indicated

Correct consultations.

Medical consultations at correct time are too much important. Consult doctor even any type of behavior problem is detected. Through mini mental status examination we can identify it by mini mental status examination.

Nutritious food to prevent loss of memory

We can defend dementia through nutritious food to some extent. Take fishes rich in omega 3 fatty acid. It will helps to get nutritious food for brain. Food containing proteins, minerals, carbohydrate, and amino acid are too much beneficial

Alzheimer’s   society.

There are lot of programs are conducted by Alzheimer’s society for treating Alzheimer’s patients even if In kerala.It was established in 1984 in America. Now it is going in even in Kerala.

Change in habits and increase in memory loss

It is the key sign of Alzheimer’s.

Increase fish in diet, it will helps to increase memory

Some studies say that fish in diet will helps to decrease the incidence of dementia.lt of studies are still going on this subject. Some amino acids and proteins in fish will helps to avoid dementia.

Relation of memory loss with DNA

It is identified that DNA fibers of brain had too much relation with dementia. Scientists of mount Sinai school of medicine prier studies proves in their studies that a Jung DNA which hasn’t any other activities are the reason for all these hereditary diseases

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